The Worldview We Embrace

God created man good and in a relationship with Him living in paradise. His life sustained us and we were His image-bearers on earth. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, rebelled against His rule and chose their own path. The spiritual life that He gave was severed and we were cursed, held guilty under the fate given to rebels.  

Throughout history, people have tried to earn their way back into a right standing with God, but the debt was too great and continued to pile up as we continued a life apart from God.

God however, our of His deep love for us, chose to pay the debt Himself. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, left heaven and came to earth to live the God-filled life we should have lived and also to die the rebel death that we should have died. In was on the cross that Christ took our full debt upon Himself. God's punishment was poured out upon Him, instead of us.

After three days, God raised Jesus from death, never to die again. All honor and glory and power was given to Him. It is because of Jesus' sacrifice that anyone who desires to turn from their rebellion against God and follows Him, can and will be given back the life and the union with God that we once had.  

Today, our focus is to live in the freedom Christ bought us. Now that we are once again in union with God, we can live our lives as His image-bearers showing the world who God is and what He is about. It is in this period that we await the return of Christ who will remake the world, bringing an end to injustice, sorrow, and evil, restoring all things to God's original intent. Our relationship with God, others and creation will be healed and whole.  In this is what we hope. And this is what we are learning to live out now as we wait upon our Lord.


For a more in depth view, these creeds and confessions have been active in shaping our beliefs

Apostles' Creed

Nicene Creed

The Baptist Faith and Message


We believe in the authority of the Christian Scriptures for our life and practice.


The Leadership Team


Pastor: David Scafide, D.Min.

Dave has lived in Maryland his whole life, and began to follow Jesus at 9 years of age. He and his wife Joy moved to Manchester in 2010 to take on the role as pastor. Since then, Dave and Joy's family has more than doubled with the addition of three very active boys. Often you can find Dave studying at the North Carroll Library or hiking on one of the numerous local trails (he seems to be favoring Hashawa lately). Dave holds a Master of Divinity from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from George Fox Evangelical Seminary.


Deacon Team

The deacon team consists of 4 maturing disciples who help shepherd the church with Pastor Dave. Together they discern the direction God is leading the church as well as guard the spiritual health of the body at MBC.


Deacon: Cliff Olson

Cliff accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1968. “I put it off for a long time because I knew it would involve putting Christ and others first. I was not ready to give up on 'me' first. However, it worked out very well. Sure, I have been through things that everyone goes through, job loss, financial worries, heart disease, cancer, and the death of my wife. But Christ was there for me all the way. I don’t know how I would have made it without him." Since accepting Christ, Cliff has served as a Sunday school teacher, choir member, Trustee, and Deacon, as well as many other tasks. He lived in Linthicum since 1974 and four years ago moved to Manchester to be nearer his daughter. After visiting area churches, he found that he could best serve the Lord at Manchester Baptist Church. He explained, “You can feel the commitment to the Lord and each other.”


Deacon: Walt Bolander

Walt Bolander accepted Jesus's invitation to follow him as Lord October 14,1991 and from that time has never felt so blessed and fulfilled. Life can be trying and difficult at times but since he made that decision he has never been alone; God is always with him. He grew up in Pasadena, Maryland and now resides in the town of Manchester where he has lived since 1996. 

He enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, biking and swimming. When he is out in Gods creation he feels especially close to Him, this world and all God has created. He is married to his lovely wife Susanne and have three adult children: Jennifer, Amanda and Tony . He now serves as a Deacon and is a choir member at Manchester Baptist but in the past has been a Sunday school teacher and on the trustees board of other churches before moving to Manchester. He works at Carroll Hospital Center as a third shift maintenance foreman. He looks forward to sharing the Love of Jesus with others so they may know the same joy that he has since knowing him. 


Contact Info

2933 Manchester Baptist Church Rd

Manchester MD 21102